Finance Monthly Game Changer Awards 2019 Winners Edition

51 www. finance-monthly .com SMARKET: This project will use warehouse robots doing the inventory management of shops, which could potentially reduce the cost of goods by up to 30%. Virtual City: This project is about global real estate management which includes renting, selling, buying, mortgaging, or designing and constructing, via managing the agencies involved, which enhances the city and the equalization of the market value. Big Tasty Truck: Big Tasty Truck is a portable kitchen that delivers fresh and healthy food to areas that don’t have the required infrastructure for restaurants. In addition to all of this, we’re also working on a few more projects in the energy and hospitality sectors. ----------- WHAT DOES 2019 HOLD FOR YOU AND EIGHTH CORPORATION? WHAT EXCITES YOU ABOUT THE FUTURE OF YOUR COMPANIES? At this stage, a lot of the projects that we’re working on haven’t been made public, as they’re still at an early development stage or subject to governmental negotiations. However, I am very excited about everything that we’re working on. 2019 will be the year of globalisation for Eighth Corporation. We are determined to achieve many positive results that will benefit a lot of people around the world and take risks that will hopefully result in success. We try very hard to work on a number of different things to make positive changes and help struggling communities. ----------- WHAT DO YOU THINK MAKES YOU SUCCESSFUL? When embarking on a new project, I always do a thorough research of the field. Even if I find out that a specific move could have a positive outcome in 99% of the cases and a negative outcome in 1% of the cases, I concentrate fully on that 1% which allows me to prepare myself for any crises well in advance. I believe that success can be found where failure doesn’t exist; so I know that I must be on the right track as long I’m doing my best when performing a specific task. I think that success is very similar to climbing a mountain. Your goal would of course be to reach the top, so you can’t stop until you’re there. It’s the same with success. When planning your route and your goals, you should be very careful when considering every step of the way, using probability science and trying to foresee everything that might go wrong and then come up with potential solutions. By doing this, you’ll reduce your risk of failure to 0.1%, which is still scary, but it’s not a percentage that will affect your end goal. This is how I go about every single new project that I embark on - I guarantee 99.9% success and I think this is what makes me successful. ----------- WHAT DOES THIS AWARD MEAN TO YOU? This award is very special to me as it brings me one step closer to my 2020 goals, which include recognition in the international press. PROJECTS THAT EIGHTH CORPORATION CURRENTLY WORKS ON: ● Genetic ID ● Hurmuz Free Zone ● VID ● Smart Lights ● SpeedX ● Trade8 ● Future Civilization ● SMARKET ● Virtual City ● Big Tasty Truck FINANCE MONTHLY GAME CHANGER AWARDS 2019 LIST OF SUBSIDIARY COMPANIES: EIGHTH CORPORATION INVESTMENTS LLC – Abu Dhabi, UAE EIGHTH BLDG CONT CO. LLC – Sharjah, UAE EIGHTH GENERAL TRADING LLP – Almaty, Kazakhstan EIGHTH PETROLEUM INVESTMENT LLC – Dubai, UAE EIGHTH GENERAL TRADING & INVESTMENTS - Madha, Oman EIGHTH ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD. – Florida, USA EIGHTH MARKETING MANAGEMENT LLC – Abu Dhabi, UAE CONTACT united arab emirates

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