Finance Monthly Game Changer Awards 2019 Winners Edition

50 www. finance-monthly .com AN INTERVIEW WITH AMIN NAMAZI YOU WORK ON SOMANY DIFFERENT COMPANIES AND PROJECTS – HOWDO YOU MANAGE TO MULTITASK AND WORK ON SO MANY THINGS AT THE SAME TIME? The amount of work that I do is easily something that has to be done by a team of 30 people. However, I am grateful that I have the ability to multitask and that over the years, I have learnt how to prioritise and manage tasks effectively. ----------- WHAT WOULD YOU SAY ARE EIGHTH CORPORATION’S MAIN VALUES AND BELIEFS? EIGHTH CORPORATION’ s core goal is to provide solutions and successfully assist our clients, while fully taking into account their social and financial situations, as well as religious beliefs. What are some of the projects you’re currently working on? Some of projects that we’re currently working on and are still in development mode are as follows: Genetic ID: This is one of our mass management projects in the healthcare sector. It is a revolutionary method of prescription and medication using AI and genetic testing. Hurmuz Free Zone: One of our projects in petroleum services is energy management of OPEC, which will hopefully solve the geopolitical problem connected to sailing and using international waters. VID: One of the IT projects that we work on has to do with regulating the internet by using recognised users and devices (without breaching their privacy) and creating a safe network. Smart Lights: For this project we work on junction traffic management and have created a real-time management traffic lights system which takes into account momentous traffic conditions around the given junction, using the visual sensors and processing systems to reduce the unnecessary waiting in queues. SpeedX: This project uses renewable energy in transport systems. SpeedX uses standard vehicles in high-speed cabins and allows you to increase the speed up to 400km/h in a safe track. Trade8: Once fully developed, Trade8 will be a revolutionary method for international bank transfers using blockchain and internet banking. It will allow users to buy their groceries by paying with their bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies they own. Additionally, the buyer will be able to send the seller block funds as a conditional payment based on an electronic invoice, using their current bank account without having to involve local banks into micro international transactions. Future Civilization: We aim to help international refugees and homeless and uneducated communities under a city escape project which uses social service payments instead of monetary payments for every single service which these individuals provide. We export our services as agricultural and manufacturing production globally under UN monitoring. AMIN NAMAZI CEO at EIGHTH CORPORATION FINANCE MONTHLY GAME CHANGER AWARDS 2019 united arab emirates AMIN NAMAZI A multitasker and a solution-maker for various mass and micro fields of activity in governmental, semi-governmental and private sector projects and the owner of EIGHTH CORPORATION - an investment firm that has operations in education services, real estate, commercial services, agriculture, tourism, power, private funds, healthcare, infrastructure, entertainment, construction, marketing, petroleum services and asset management. Amin is the CEO and major shareholder in all of the listed companies and manages all of his companies’ projects – a task which involves doing research, creating proposals, doing presentations, writing legal agreements in three languages and signing them. “2019 will be the year of globalisation for Eighth Corporation.”

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