Finance Monthly Game Changer Awards 2019 Winners Edition

27 www. finance-monthly .com ABOUT STUART ANDERSON Stuart is passionate about enabling anyone, anywhere, to travel safely, and leverages 25 years of security experience to do just that. Currently operating as CEO of a business he founded, eTravelSafety, Stuart wields a wealth of experience in both the public and private sector, providing services in more than 50 countries across a host of challenging environments. Stuart has seen active military service in locations such as Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Bosnia, and has significant experience in personal security and protection. He has translated his security experience into the commercial world, founding an international security training company, before forming eTravelSafety in 2013. His practical security experience, in tandem with his capacity to translate his knowledge into a business, has made Stuart the primary thought leader in personal and corporate Travel Safety. His passion to enable anyone, anywhere, to travel safely is constantly pushing him to provide innovative, revolutionary Travel Safety solutions. FIRM PROFILE Within a well-established industry, eTravelSafety has entered the next generation of Travel Safety, incorporating technology and promoting accessibility to provide Travel Safety for everyone. The Travel Safety industry has been reliant on systems and processes that have become inefficient and ill-suited for the modern world, dealing in specialist terminology and language that is exclusive to the industry, and thus inaccessible to the client base. eTravelSafety is currently paving the way for Travel Safety, demonstrating how leveraging modern technology can elevate the industry and allow anyone to travel safely. Their attitude focuses on replacing inefficient (and therefore ineffective) processes with solutions that help people stay safe, and make that job as easy as possible for everyone involved. Through their robust software production, eTravelSafety manages two staple products for those travelling in any scenario. eTS Academy provides mobile-based Travel Safety training videos for business clients, enabling companies to train all of their employees remotely and cost-effectively. The critical element of eTS Academy is the administrative console that allows the company to monitor who has watched what content, and when they’ve watched it, guaranteeing legal and corporate compliance. This feature has made a significant impact on the success and completion rates of training and has since led to the commission of this mechanism for other training systems. eTS Travel Safe is a travel risk management solution that leverages next-generation check-in technology to enable companies to know where there people are, and if they are safe, without the need for constant mobile tracking. eTS Travel Safe also utilises intuitive Artifical Intelligence to instantly generate travel risk assessments that, unlike other similar solutions, weighs both the destination and the individual traveller, offering a more complete and accurate assessment of risk. Both eTS Academy and eTS Travel Safe make use of cutting-edge technologies and processes, breaking down the traditional frameworks of Travel Safety solutions and remodelling them to work efficiently and effectively in the 21st Century. Perhaps the best example of how eTravelSafety have redefined the industry is with their recent release of the world’s first Travel Safety Chatbot. Chatbot Charlie is an intuitive Travel Safety tool that uses automated yet tailored responses to provide immediate information on Travel Safety. The software behind this product learns and develops its responses with every use and is a wholly unique service that eTravelSafety has available for free. AREAS OF EXPERTISE - Travel Risk Management - eLearning - Safety and Security - Technological Solutions CONTACT Liliana Silva Marketing & Communications Manager E: STUART ANDERSON FINANCE MONTHLY GAME CHANGER AWARDS 2019 united kingdom CEO of eTravelSafety “His passion to enable anyone, anywhere, to travel safely is constantly pushing him to provide innovative, revolutionary Travel Safety solutions.”

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