Finance Monthly Game Changers Awards 2017 - Winners Edition Now Available

Finance Monthly is pleased to announce the publication of its 2017 Game Changers Awards. The 2017 Game Changers Awards celebrate the success, innovation and strategic vision of some of the world’s most recognised professionals across a wide variety of sectors and industries.

As well as announcing this year’s winners, our 2017 Special Game Changers Awards Edition also features some exclusive in-depth interviews with selected winners, who detail their thoughts on the award, and provide an outlook of their goals and priorities for 2017. Over a period of several months Finance Monthly’s research department has undertaken extensive research to identify some of the most resourceful and forward-thinking leaders in business today. The final result is a publication detailing individuals who think outside the box, deliver results and have achieved considerable success in their respective sectors.

Finance Monthly would like to thank all contributors and participants in the 2017 Game Changers Awards.

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